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Let the user create components or add more components! We really need more stuff to work with.

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    Romain shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Hallo ich verwende icircuit für Grundlagen Experimente. Mit dem implementieren des Arduino ist das ganze noch ein ganzes Stück interessanter geworden. Ein kleines Manko in dem zusammenhang ist das fehlen von Globalen Variablen. Ich habe auch noch kleine Fehler gefunden zB das entfernen von Switche‘s allerdings verwende ich Beta IOS 12.


      • BorisB commented  · 

        I think more basic components and more accurate simulation should be the focus. One (or the community) can always make mudules for the more complex components. When I first learned digital I built everything from NAND gates including flip-flops and shift registers - by hand! Gives you a much better grasp of basics, which is forgotten when you can get so much on one chip.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I was about to suggest this!! Arduino nano as well?

      • Ron commented  · 

        The ability to create and use subcircuits in Android would be a welcome improvement

      • agi commented  · 

        Hi there
        The app is good. But I want some better version of it please
        - Some switches are not working e.g. Analog, SPDT analog
        - Sometimes the circuit shows self generated current which shows there is a current even if I switched off the power supply.

      • Paul commented  · 

        Hi great little app.
        I'd love to see more analog components, focused on house wiring.
        An analog timer would be nice.


      • Anonymous commented  · 

        How about a transformer with multiple secondary windings and depletion mode MOSFETs.

      • Isaac commented  · 

        Add analog memory!

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Agree with Jay Carr. I love valve/vacuum tube amplifiers and have the the same frustrations he has. You could fill a real void. Typical guitar input and speaker jacks and rectifier tubes would really be all that was needed. Thanks. K4DJV

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        same here. I'd be happy to have a few more components. Not everything would be feasible so it would be finde, to create my own components - and then to share with the community.

      • Jay Carr commented  · 

        The main thing most other programs like this is a *simple* way to create a new circuit. For example, I would love to be able to add a few basic schematics for different sorts of tubes (just basic triodes, tetrodes and pentodes) and I'll be ****ed if I can find an application that either has them or will let me add them in a simple manner...

        I would happily pay a bit of money for the feature as well...just saying.

      • Andrea C. commented  · 

        Goodmorning, would be great more IC staff like:
        CD74HC85E - 4Bit Comparator
        CD74HCT541 - Octal buffer three state
        SN74HC595 - 8Bit Shift Register - serial-to-parallel
        CD74HC4514 - 4-to-8 lines Demiltiplexer

        Thank you for this great program!!

      • DBentnut commented  · 

        Please consider adding some generic IC blocks that the user can insert into their schematic. Even if the IC's are just "dead" components it would at least allow icircuits to be used for creating nice schematics.
        Also consider adding the pin numbers to IC's as it is confusing when referencing IC datasheets when building circuits if the pin numbers are missing on the icircuit diagram.

        All in all this is a very nice program. Thanks!

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I need lm3914 for simulating. Is it possible to get this ic added

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        This would be hugely helpful. A way to import spice/pspice etc, a modeling system of your choosing, so we can add our own parts.

      • David Dominguez commented  · 

        I would like to have the option to add new elements, or create it.
        Right now, I´m building an amplifier and I neeed:
        - 7915 Voltage Regulator
        - TDA7294 IC Amplifier.

        I´m completely stucked, I´m new and I don´t know what to do. Help me plz.

      • Nate commented  · 

        Have any of you created custom parts? We could host them together and make them available for download so people can use them as subcircuits.

      • Bruno bueno commented  · 

        Estot de acuerdo. Hace falta más componentes, están muy limitados los que tienen, hay que actualizar y colocar más.

      • James Wages commented  · 

        Tunnel diodes, tone generator ICs (e.g., UM3561), 4040B ripple carry binary counter, etc. So many parts are missing. Also, large circuits cause problems when trying to generate audio from the speaker. Sound sometimes cuts out or doesn't play at all.

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