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Improve touch interface

-wire auto route. When moving/adding a wire don't want everything to become scrambled.
-wire mode: zoom and scroll with 2 fingers in wire mode
-normal mode: instead of one or two finger scroll make it only two finger zoom and scroll. Make it so when you put two fingers on the screen to scroll it doesn't move any other components around accidentally. *looks like its "planned" already*
-change one finger scroll in normal to making a select box for deleting multiple things at once
-attach the meter and scope to a fixed given component so that for example, you can monitor the component while changing a pot's value. Also, it would be nice if the meter had 2 leads so you can test between 2 components.

I LOOOVE iCircuit. Please don't take this straightforward review as if I don't! I think that just a little dusting off this app will be off the charts! :)

By the way, it would be pretty cool, albeit a big project, to make pcb layout a part of iCircuit. Kind of like Fritzing. I dunno just an idea. Thanks for a wonderful app!

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  • Shawn Jorgenson commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Just bought icircuit and it's rockin'!!! Definitely has tweaking to do and functionality to be added, but man, it is slick.

    I would suggest that when in drawing mode or dragging a lead end point, a magnifying glass would pop up so that you could see what is under your finger and get a close up view to make sure the contact point is going where you need it to go. This idea comes from many of the page scanner apps which correct perspective.

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